“Tornado” Battalion Militants Staged a Riot in the Lukyanovka Detention Center

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



On Thursday, August 9th, militants from the Tornado battalion, who are in a pre-trial detention center, organised a riot, because they had just learned that an attempt would be made to transfer them from the penal institution in an unknown direction. This was reported by “Informator” from the place of events.

According to it, the volunteer battalion militants armed with knives, after learned about a possible transfer, barricaded themselves in their cells and don’t want to leave the territory of the pre-trial detention center, since on August 9th there wasn’t any investigative actions or a court session concerning their case.

The management of the pre-trial detention center called for additional units of the National Guard with shields and bludgeons, as well as members of the special forces of the National Police, so that they can accompany the transfer of “Tornado” militants.

Among representatives of law enforcement officers there is conversation about operation “Burya” – the forceful transferal of all prisoners from the premises of the detention center to the territory of another establishment. On the Internet a video appeared that shows the inside of the pre-trial detention center. In the video it can be seen how the captives organised a riot in “Lukyanovka”.

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