Toulouse: Ultra Peaceful Demonstration vs. Ultra Repressive and Violent Police

What happened on March 30th in Toulouse? The words of Yellow Vest protestor Arnaud Bernard:

“Even though the demonstration was peaceful with our arms raised and placed on our heads, as well as a small sit-in, and no projectiles, paint, or anything else were thrown, the police opened the hostilities. Tear gas, batons, and violent shoving around??!

At the level of the law it is strictly forbidden to make a dispersion when no violence has been committed. A photojournalist was violently pushed against a post, which angered the protesters, but they remained peaceful.

Unfortunately, the bloodthirsty police force and the bludgeoning government were relentless ………… We had to retreat behind the general council, where incredible scene occurred. A young man who had nothing to do with the demonstration and who was not there was bludgeoned for pleasure by a member of the police – his boss had to come to calm his colleague! !!!!

Here is we are: police forces psychologically affected and who should not exercise their duties …. They howl like crazy wolves while charging !!!!! Then a whole day of tear gas and arbitrary arrests. A member of the police shoves two people on scooters for an identity check, then presto – they openly stole the scooters!!!!!! This really goes very far, we have not failed to warn the league of human rights. They are there for that, to denounce this repression and this violence !!! We witnessed 3 totally unfair arrests as well as beatings of passers-by. This can not go on. We ask for a meeting with Mr Moudenc and the prefect of Haute Garonne, because if this continues, sooner or later there will be a death…….”

Infoline Toulouse

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