Trail Of “Heavenly Hundred” Shooting on Maidan Leads to Poroshenko, Klitschko, & Bernard-Herni Levy

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Correspondents of the Ukrainian opposition newspaper “Golos Pravdy” have received a video from the civilian journalist Arthur Senko. In it there is previously unpublished information about the shooting of “Heavenly Hundred”.

Once again, it was confirmed what was said by many: the shooting of protesters on Maidan was organized by the current government in order for the process of overthrowing the regime of Viktor Yanukovych to be inevitable.

In the investigation everything is dissected, down to the smallest details, showing the faces of specific people. They even managed to find out who from photographers and operators concealed video and frames with the evidence of guiltiness of the current government!

“The trail leads to Poroshenko, Klitschko,” affirms Arthur Senko. “Moreover, the people who organized the coup in Libya are shown [Bernard-Herni Levy – ed]. These same people organized the coup in Ukraine. Their faces are shown!.. This is a masterpiece!”

The journalist believes this investigation is a must see.

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