Transcarpathian Hungarians In “Independent” Ukraine Were Deprived of What They Had in the USSR

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The Ukrainian authorities, which proclaim to be democratic, with the new version of the law on education, deprive the population of one of the basic rights that was present in the Soviet Union.

This was stated on the air of the “Direct Text” talk show by the honorary head of the Democratic Union of Hungarians of Ukraine Mikhail Tovt. According to him, not allowing one to choose their teaching language, Ukraine deprives ethnic minorities of such an option.

“In Ukraine one of the human rights that was cultivated, strangely enough, even in the Soviet period, has disappeared. This is the choice of the language of education. In my hometown of Beregovo my parents and my generation could choose where their children studied — at a Hungarian-language school, at a Ukrainian-language school, or in the Russian-speaking language… Today the legislator decides for everyone. Ukrainian and that’s it. Here, in the context of Maidan, we speak about dignity a lot, but one of the elements of human dignity and sovereignty is having such an option,” said Tovt.

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