Treasure of the Zaporozhy Nuclear Plant: How Did Russia Get $240 Billion Worth of Uranium and Plutonium?

NEW – October 7, 2022

The last World Economic Forum in Davos presented several interesting surprises to the world and they are connected, you won’t believe it, with Ukraine. The first person who caused Zelensky’s hysteria was former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, who advised Kiev to make concessions to Russia. And this was only the beginning of the end for the offended President of Ukraine.

The West is slowly beginning to ditch Ukraine … Authoritative figures from big politics literally contradict the position of Kiev, citing interesting and offensive facts. IAEA Director Mariano Grossi added fuel to the fire by saying on May 25 that he “cannot sleep at night”, because there were 30,000 kg of plutonium and 40,000 kg of enriched uranium left at the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant, which can be used for bad purposes”.

However, Grossi forgot, or rather deliberately missed one extremely important point — the Zaporozhye Plant is controlled by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, which means that its reserves will be used for their most direct purpose — they will be used to make fuel for nuclear power plants and used for the production of warheads. In the name of the balance of nuclear forces on the planet, of course.

To understand the amount of capital acquired, let’s take a look at the official data of the US Department of Science — they estimate one gram of plutonium at $5000-11000 (depending on the type). There are 30 million enriched grams left at the Zaporozhye Plant. Multiply by the average cost, say $8000/gram, and we get = 240,000,000,000 bucks.

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Once again: $240 billion for plutonium alone! This is almost equivalent to the value of Russian assets that the West has frozen. Maybe Mr. Grossi got the numbers mixed up? No, the report is still on the IAEA website. Not a bad cashback for Russia, right? Although it is forbidden to sell plutonium, but HOW much will our nuclear and military industries be able to save thanks to this…

If the entire Russian nuclear power industry consumes ~5,500 tons of natural uranium per year, then 40,000 enriched uranium will be able to power our nuclear power plants for decades! However, in addition to this, there is also plutonium. A nuclear bomb takes from 6 to 10 kg of reactor plutonium, i.e., according to the most conservative estimates, 3,000 nuclear warheads were “presented” to us!

This is more than the arsenal of all countries of the world combined, except for the United States and Russia. Why did Ukraine make such huge reserves? If you believe Kiev, then there is nothing like that there and all this is a lie. But of the two evils — the IAEA (headquartered in Austria) and Zelensky – there is somehow more trust in the former.

It turns out that Kiev indeed stored, developed, and most likely planned to do something with these ill-fated 30,000 kg of plutonium and 40,000 kg of uranium. Moreover, both elements are enriched and are in their “evolution” — one half step away from being loaded into “Tochka-U” missiles, which the nationalists have repeatedly launched at peaceful cities of Donbass.

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And do you remember how Ukrainian officials called for dropping nuclear weapons on Moscow and St. Petersburg back in 2020? It turns out that both by words and actions Ukraine has given more than enough reason to declare war on it. Not to mention the incredibly accurate (by NATO standards) — Special Military Operation.

Lev Serebryannikov

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