Trudovskoye: OSCE Refuses to Tell the Truth on Camera About UAF Shelling

Translated by Ollie Richardson


On the night of June 4th Ukrainian punishers fired at the settlement of Trudovskoye. The blow to the house’s roof was recorded on camera. The OSCE refuses to tell the truth.

“Now we are in the settlement of Trudovskoye. From 4th-5th June Ukronazis shelled the settlement. The house was damaged from two direct hits. There is the OSCE. Now we will ask about the shelling,” said the author of the video.

The OSCE Representative answered the question “where did the shelling come from?”:

“This is what we are engaged in now. Unfortunately, I have no more information.”

Comment of Andrey Bardachev:

Friends! Today I visited Trudovskoye, which was under fire the whole night. It so happened that my friend and I spoke with the OSCE Representative, she didn’t look at me in the eyes, she averted her gaze. She didn’t tell the truth, I asked her specific questions: “where did the shelling come from”? I didn’t receive an answer from her. I want to ask a question: why do they drive around here and what are they doing here? They offer very few benefits, and civilians continue to perish at the hands of Ukrainian troops and nationalist battalions. You know, the thought creeps into my mind that the OSCE are spies who report all information to the “Ukrainian troops”. Friends, draw your own conclusions!

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