True Lies: Poroshenko Sells His Business to Dmitry Firtash, the “Party of Regions”, and Vice Presidents of the United States

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The anonymous “NEZYGAR” Telegram channel, whose authorship is attributed to the top manager of the Moscow company “Renova”, published information about the current president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko carrying out negotiations on the sale of his own assets on the territory of Ukraine.

The corresponding post on the Telegram channel appeared on November 15th:

“Petro Poroshenko holds negotiations on the sale of his own assets on the territory of Ukraine. There is a task to complete the deal before March 1st, 2019.

Two independent auditors from among the ‘Big Five’ handed over reports to two potential buyers.

The first candidate is a syndicate of disgraced oligarchs from the Russian Federation, Ukraine, and Lithuania.

The second candidate is the group of Dmitry Firtash and two high-ranking members of the US Democrat Party, with the support of Joe Biden and Michael Pence.

Negotiations are at the final stage, the coordination of a discount is ongoing, as well as concerning the form of payment and the final points of the withdrawal of capital.

85% of non-cash payments will go to special accounts in the Federal Treasury of the US and the Manhattan Chase bank”.

Most likely, the publication is referring to Chase bank, the old name of which is Chase Manhattan Bank – a subsidiary of the American bank with the biggest capitalisation in the world — JPMorgan Chase, whose cumulative quantity of bank deposits totals $2.6 trillion.

The second destination that is spoken about in the channel’s post is the special account of the US Treasury Department. It is curious that the author of the information speaks not just about a special account that banks are authorised to open for the clients, but about the special account of the Treasury Department itself, which, assuming this statement is true, points to Poroshenko having an arrangement with representatives of the US establishment at the highest level.

The mentioned potential buyers of the business of Poroshenko are no less curious.

If cooperation with a group of “disgraced oligarchs” from Ukraine, Russia, and Lithuania is approximately clear to all – obviously, it is representatives of the Party of Regions who fled abroad who are meant here, some of who, according to the investigation carried out by journalists from the “Scheme” program, Poroshenko maintained business relations with, then the structure of the second group of buyers causes certain questions to be asked.

As a matter of fact the only question is: what can connect “high-ranking members of the US Democratic party” and Dmitry Firtash, against who a criminal case was initiated in the US, from the Themis of which the oligarch tries to find protection in the Austrian courts in order to avoid extradition? The cooperation and patronage of the two vice-presidents Joe Biden and Michael Pence (Republican and Democrat parties respectively) look convincing, but would high-ranking members of the American establishment start to deal with such a partner as Dmitry Firtash? It is unlikely.

However, the most curious thing in this publication isn’t so much the technical details of the financial transfer, and even not its beneficiaries, but the information claiming that the sale has to be wrapped up by March 1st — a month before the future presidential elections in Ukraine.

And concerning this part, the allegedly false information of the “NEZYGAR” channel obtains quite distinct real outlines.

The decision in itself to sell, as well as the date that it has to be concluded by, is deeply symbolic. If this information is even partly truthful (and it also also happens like this in the world of big business), then the question, probably, is about the full surrender by the current president of his position in light of his understanding of the fact that he stands no chance of being re-elected for a second presidential term, which is confirmed by the latest polls. And if things are indeed like this, then Poroshenko is preparing to sell his property in Ukraine in advance, being afraid that after a change of power he might lose control over it. Because it is obvious that if Yulia Tymoshenko becomes the president, for example, then criminal proceedings will be initiated against her sworn and long-term enemy Petro Poroshenko for the unleashed civil war, total corruption, the organisation of illegal political processes and the criminal prosecution of his political opponents, the impoverishment and destruction of Ukraine and its industrial and economic potential, etc.

In brief: everything that was accumulated by back-breaking oligarchical toil will be arrested and nationalised.

In this case Poroshenko is waited by the fate of Mikheil Saakashvili and many other politicians supported by the US authorities, due to unpopular measures and criminal prosecution for violating the rights of citizens and corruption, the lack of support from the population, and becoming a pariah in their motherland as a result of all this. Such figures are obliged to flee from their country, being afraid of punishment after losing their presidency.

Whether or not the information presented by the Telegram channel is a leak from confidential negotiations or purposeful information “planting” that is designed to shake the already fragile pre-election position of Poroshenko, we will be able to learn only from the subsequent events. It is obvious that, fleeing from his motherland, Poroshenko needs to sell up his property (it is impossible to take the “Roshen” confectionery factory and “Kuznya na Rybalskyom” to Spain).

So with all the apparent “fakeness” of this information about the sale of property and business, there is also a certain amount of common sense in it…

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