The True Moral Face of Ukrainian “Hero-Liberators”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Alexey Karpushev

Tymchuk declared that the DPR allegedly began searching for relatives of high-ranking Ukrainian military personnel who are at war against Donbass in order to “persuade them to cooperate”. So, what can be said here… All have known for a long time how to perceive the messages that come from this speaking helmet. But in this case he probably should keep silent, because UAF fighters who have relatives in the DPR, and, accordingly,  rain down mortars, howitzers, and Grads on their own mothers, fathers, sisters, nieces, and aunts, are even more rare moral freaks than their other colleagues who arrived, for example, from some Galicia. Therefore, by broadcasting messages about the presence of such beings in the Ukrainian army, Tymchuk himself disclosed the true moral face of hero-liberators.

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