Trump Goes on the Counterattack: Who in Ukraine Will Julian Assange Compromise?

Why does Donald Trump really need the creator of Wikileaks, and where does Ukraine slot in?

On April 12th there was an interesting explanation as to why Ecuador handed over to Britain (and in fact – to the Americans) the founder of WikiLeaks Julian Assange. 

According to Donald Trump’s adviser, the journalist and world famous supplier of insider information can help the White House to expose the plot of the Democrats to remove Trump from the president’s post.

And this plan is connected to Ukraine.

The Ukrainian “Strana” news agency found out what was declared in the White House.

Giuliani about Julian

The former mayor of New York and adviser to the U.S. President for cyber security Rudy Giuliani spoke about the possible benefit of Assange for Trump.

“Maybe it will shed light on the plot to create an investigation of President Trump based on a false charge of conspiracy with the Russians to affect the 2016 elections. Keep your eye on Ukraine. It’s possible with all his sources he might know or have information of how it all started,” said the colleague of Trump, who is his longtime friend.

As Giuliani noted, he meant that Assange can talk about the origins of the federal investigation into the alleged conspiracy between Trump and Russia, but not that Assange can disprove the hacking by Russians of the e-mail accounts of members of the Democratic National Committee and the chairman of the campaign headquarters of Clinton John Podesta – this information was leaked via Assange’s website WikiLeaks in the past.

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According to Giuliani, he considers that Assange can “show who invented the false story that Trump entered into collision with Russia”.

Giuliani, who was in the past the mayor New York, noted that he is not sure yet that that possible exposure of a plot by Assange will lead to the mitigation of his sentence.

But such a hint is definitely detected. Even earlier the US Department of Justice stated that after an extradition the founder of WikiLeaks can be given no more than five years.

This in general is not a lot for someone who hopelessly lived in the Embassy of Ecuador for 7 years. That is obviously leave to Assange space for the transaction. The prison term can be and smaller.

What Giuliani means

After the statement of Trump’s adviser, perhaps the true reason for the extradition of Assange from the Embassy of Ecuador becomes clear.

After the “empty” report of Mueller and the defeat of the Democrats, who did not manage to prove Trump’s ties with Russia, the US President started a counterattack. Trump’s purpose – to win the 2020 elections.

And the pearl of this strategy is Ukraine, which was separately mentioned also by Rudy Giuliani (who, by the way, often visited this country).

Trump wants to use the accusations of the Democrats against them. And to prove that he won in 2016 not because of Russian interference – and his rival Hillary Clinton used the help of foreign powers in her electoral campaign.

It is precisely for this purpose that the US is now again inflating the story about NABU‘s role in leaking compromising evidence on Paul Manafort – the head of the campaign headquarters of Donald Trump. Earlier he worked in Ukraine for Yanukovych and the Party of Regions. And, as it became clear, not all the money he received here was declared in tax returns.

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After the accusations from Ukraine, he, in the middle of the electoral campaign of Trump, left his headquarters and fell under investigation for the legalisation of illegal income (and he later went to prison as a result).

Since then the government in Washington has been changed. And the Ukrainian authorities changed their orientation too. Bankova Street and its speakers, in unison with the Republicans, “sing” now that they they led the anti-Trump leak from the US Embassy, which was controlled at that time by the administration of the Democrat president Barack Obama.

Kiev also began to leak other compromising evidence on the Democrats, as if on command. For example, it raked over the past of the former Vice President Joe Biden, whose son was involved in gas production in Ukraine and is a part of the Burisma company of the former Minister of Ecology of the times of Yanukovych, Nikolay Zlochevsky.

At the same time, Biden is one of the main contenders for the US presidency in 2020. I.e., the purpose of the attack is obvious.

How in this situation can Trump be helped by Julian Assange?

His role in “Kremlingate” is limited to one, but super-important thing: it was through Wikileaks that the letters from the cracked Democrat server with the correspondence of Clinton and Podesta were published. In which, by the way, there was talk also about Ukraine, which is mentioned more than hundred times there. One of the main lines of this correspondence which Trump can acquire is the communication between the headquarters of Clinton and the Ukrainian oligarch Viktor Pinchuk and his possible financial investments in the Democrat campaign.

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But why wasn’t such a valuable witness taken earlier?

While “Kremlingate” was ongoing in the US, Assange was useful for Trump in the Embassy of Ecuador, so as to not add extra witnesses to the prosecution. But when it became clear that the report of the special prosecutor Robert Mueller will not produce the evidence of ties between Trump and Russia, Ecuador was suddenly granted a multi-billion loan by the IMF.

This was at the beginning of March. And a month later the British were given the owner of WikiLeaks.

Perhaps, now Assange will speak more about Ukrainian interference in the 2016 American election, which is traced in two main directions: the organisation of leaks against Manafort working in Ukraine, and the Ukrainian elite’s direct sponsoring of the Clinton campaign.

Or he at least will testify about who exactly gave him the information from the cracked Democrat party’s mail. And obviously it’s not Trump who will be named here.

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