Trump Lied About Liquidating Al-Baghdadi in Order to Score Points Ahead of the 2020 Election

US President Donald Trump made a loud statement to the nation, reporting that ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi had been eliminated by US soldiers. Great news, you’ll say, but you’d be wrong. Al-Baghdadi has already been killed so many times that it’s difficult to keep track.

Why did Trump report it now? It’s just that the US military has to leave Syria, and the election lies ahead. The American president needs successes and loud achievements, also for foreign policy.

In Russia the news from overseas was heard, analysed and properly assessed. The authors of the Telegram channels “Mediatekhnolog” and “Mayor i General” wrote that in Syria the leader of the ISIS nano-caliphate was once again killed. The next destruction is scheduled for mid-2020. A vague video was presented by the Americans for people to familiarise themselves with the killing.

Al-Baghdadi has already been killed 20 times, and he is each time resurrected. It is likely that Trump tells fairy tales to both the Americans and the world community, hoping that the latter will believe in the heroism of American soldiers.

Naturally, it was not without a prelude. 12 hours before his address, Trump posted a message on Twitter saying that something big had happened. An open secret! Everyone knew what the leader of the American nation was planning to boast about. However, the performance was played as if by notes.

“Courageous” American soldiers drove Al-Baghdadi like a dog into a tunnel until a cowardly terrorist crapped his pants and detonated his suicide belt. Somehow like that! Yeah, the kit consisted of dogs and a robot.

The Russian media community was skeptical about Trump’s message. Well, journalists and bloggers in Russia were not impressed by the American clowning.

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Andrey Mevdedev:

“That’s how good we Americans are. Not the Russians, but us.

It’s very American. Create symbols of victory in the war, even when there really wasn’t any. The symbol is important.”

Sergey Poletaev:

“Here is how the Director of the Center for Middle East and Central Asia Research Semen Bagdasarov commented on this news to MK:”

The Deputy Director of the Institute of History and Politics of the Moscow City Teacher Training University Vladimir Shapovalov holds a similar opinion. He finds the American statement strange. Al-Baghdadi’s death was announced by Trump when his administration was accused of giving up Syrian positions and leaving the Kurds to their fate. And, most importantly, capitulation in front of Russia.

Such coincidences are not accidental or even suspicious. US intelligence agencies played in favour of the White House, because everyone in the world is confident that the Americans did not fight ISIS terrorists, but only promoted their interests.

Journalists of the Federal News Agency analysed related information from various sources and concluded that Trump’s statement is just a fake.

Firstly, the Pentagon did not warn anyone about the start of an operation to eliminate the ISIS leader, and US helicopters could not have gone unnoticed to the village of Barisha to sweep Al-Baghdadi away. They could have been shot down by either Turks or terrorists. We remind that Al-Baghdadi couldn’t be taken by bare hands: he was in a fortified with a hundred bodyguards.

Secondly, it’s not for the first year that the ISIS leader has been on the run, and he’s definitely not suicidal. A suicide vest is just an American myth. Al-Baghdadi definitely had ways to escape.

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Thirdly, there is no evidence or witness that there was a self-detonation.

Fourthly, if he blew himself up, why was an airstrike carried out? After such a bombing, no DNA traces could be found to confirm that the ISIS leader had been wiped off the face of the earth along with his wives. There are many questions about the DNA analysis that allegedly proves that the victim is al-Baghdadi.

“Trump said that the destruction of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was confirmed by DNA. Probably, the test was carried out by the ‘DNA’ transfer forces – where the CIA caliph’s DNA sample came from is not known (in Iraq in the 2000s they weren’t taken from prisoners).”

Fifthly, there is no video of the American operation. Trump claims to have seen everything with his own eyes, but he cannot present evidence. Does this situation resemble anything?

Sixthly, the ISIS leader is a US man created under CIA supervision to destabilise the Middle East region. Such puppets are not simply disposed of: a lot of resources and forces are invested in them. Consequently, al-Baghdadi was evacuated, and the sweeping operation, according to political scientist Andrey Sharusov, is just a staging operation.

Well, and finally, the seventh argument: al-Baghdadi’s elimination was a chance for Washington to restore its reputation. The White House needs victories.

However, there are other impressive elimination of terrorist leaders in the history of US intelligence agencies. For example, bin Laden, who was killed in 2011, lived quietly under house arrest near Islamabad under the supervision of Pakistan’s security services. Washington knew about this and liquidated him by the order of Obama exactly before the election (!).

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Is Trump following the same path? He probably stashed Al-Baghdadi in a quiet place before the election, so that he could be offed again. In Russia, by the way, this nonsense was not believed.

“The Russian Defence Ministry said it had no information…

The Russian Defence Ministry commented on the American statements about the special operation to destroy the leader of ISIS al-Baghdadi:

  • The Russian Defence Ministry has no reliable information about the operation
  • The increase in the number of countries allegedly participating in the this ‘operation’ raises reasonable questions and doubts about its reality and, moreover, about its success
  • In recent days no air strikes in the Idlib de escalation zone were recorded by us or international coalition aircraft
  • The Russia Federation is not aware of assistance being given to the flight of American aircraft in the airspace of the Idlib de-escalation zone
  • Al-Baghdadi’s quiet presence in al-Nusra-controlled territory deserves at least some direct evidence
  • Another ‘death’ of al-Baghdadi has no absolutely no operational significance on the situation in Syria or the actions of the remaining terrorists in Idlib”

Moscow has criticised Donald Trump ‘s statement, bearing in mind how used American partners are to doing business. Therefore, there is no doubt that Al-Baghdadi’s death is a myth created by Washington.


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