Trump Slammed the Military Industrial Complex and Advocated a Sovereign Syria

Here are some very interesting remarks made by Donald Trump during this conference:

(Note: All quotes are paraphrased for convenience)

Why are we protecting Syria’s land, Assad’s not a friend of ours why are we protecting his land?

This is an overt admission that the land belongs to Syria. I.e., the US has been occupying Syrian land illegally all this time, and by trying to overthrow Assad the US has violated the UN Charter,

Are we supposed to fight a NATO member so that Syria keeps their land? It makes no sense.

Again, he affirms that it is Syrian land. I.e., recognition of Assad as the country’s legitimate leader. But he purposefully doesn’t touch on what a NATO member is doing on Syrian land in the first place. Perhaps Trump doesn’t like NATO and would like to see it dismantled.

The Military Industrial Complex wants me to stay and fight forever. A lot of companies want to fight because they make their weapons based on fighting not based on peace.

Simply incredible! This is a massive slap in the face to the neocons, and a big signal that times are changing, since he is shoving a large stick into the hornets’ nest.

ISIS prisoners were released just to create political trouble for me

This is a hint that the “deep state” is responsible for releasing ISIS prisoners from Kurdish jails after Turkish proxies entered North Syria. It’s as if Trump really does want a full pullout, but the CIA is putting sticks in his wheels, and that Trump doesn’t have absolute control over all troops.

Russia, Iran, Syria, and maybe slightly Turkey, they all hate ISIS as much as we do and it’s their part of the world. We’re 7000 miles away

The message is clear here: we can’t afford these genocidal ventures anymore. Our domestic economy is in tatters and action must be taken, especially against the Federal Reserve.

Our troops are in so many countries in the world that I’m embarrassed to even say the number because it’s so large and foolish. I’m too embarrassed to say

So from this quote we see that Iraq and Afghanistan pullouts are on the cards, but it will take time since more battling with the “deep state” is needed.

And these countries don’t even like us

He knows that the CIA has been waging covert/illegal wars decade after decade and that this has been bleeding the US budget. Now he’s in the driving seat, he sees even more vividly how bad it is. AFRICOM ops alone are ultra-expensive, not to mention keeping Juan Guaido, Aleksey Navalny, Joshua Wong etc on the front pages of newspapers.

“Saudi Arabia agreed to pay us for the full cost of our recent deployment plus much more on top of that”

I.e., Riyadh is propping up the US economy whilst Trump is trying to remove the Military-Industrial Complex from the feeding trough. Until he completes this task, the economy will keep tanking.

I see our soldiers coming home in coffins, from areas we have nothing to do with. I sign letters all the time for parents whose sons were shot in different places in the middle east…We need to end the endless wars. They don’t even know what they’re fighting for

Again, he is trying to say that the US economy will enter a deep recession unless funds are diverted away from the blood-soaked hands of Langley. Trillions were spent on invasions since 9/11, and the rate of return for the US coffers is in the minus. Only scum like Dick Cheney have profited.

My own advisors don’t even know why we’re over there fighting

At this juncture let’s spare a thought for the ultra-odious “regime change” merchant Charles Lister. Even if he was paid for his rentboy services, he so wanted that “utopia” where head-chopping becomes Syria’s new national sport. His hopes were dashed.

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So what wider conclusions can be made from these statements?

Firstly, he isn’t in control of whether or not US troops leave the Deir Ezzor oil fields. This is a separate battle with the “deep state”, which will require more time. But it will be resolved eventually.

Secondly, he is overtly sweeping this Syria disaster under the carpet and wanting to move on. He even strikes a blow on the neocon propaganda machine, causing people to doubt what they’ve heard or been shown for 8 years (e.g. the “White Helmets” hoax).

Thirdly, what was mentioned above about certain US military units being outside of Trump’s powers also applies to the situation with Al Tanf. The “deep state” (loyal to AIPAC) clings onto the US’ position near the Syria-Iraq border crossing (and thus the oil fields). Trump’s hands become more free, but rope is still present, albeit frayed.

Fourthly, I get the impression that Kurdish militias (e.g. SDF) have been in bed with ISIS this whole time. I don’t believe for one second the story that they “fight ISIS”. Also, they are with US troops still at Al-Omar, yet they’ve just been betrayed by the US? Suspicious…

Changing brands/flags/logos, etc has been a key element of the complex “hybrid” war in Syria. Today he’s Nusra, tomorrow he’s FSA, next week he’s an “Operation Peace Spring” soldier. And the same applies to the SDF: recycled ISIS militants airlifted to safety by the US.

To elaborate a bit: the CIA doesn’t want the facts on the ground to reach social media undistorted. Thus, there is a need to manipulate the aesthetics of the war. This is known as “fourth generation warfare”. Folks like Brett McGurk are responsible for such rebranding.

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Adding words like “democratic” into the name of an armed group immediately makes the group seem like the “good guys” in the eyes of the average GI Joe Super Bowl lover. Sadly, this brainwashing technology is very effective. Media strategy is so very important in war.

This letter written by Trump and addressed to Erdogan is 110% designed for media/layperson consumption. The language is not AT ALL worthy of high-level diplomacy and resembles more a 4chan conversation.

Trump has a strategy to “sell” this Syria withdrawal in such a way that the Democrats/“deep state” don’t have much room to manoeuvre when it comes to weaponising it against him and his 2020 re-election hopes. It is a delicate affair, and skilled PR managers are at work. He is using the latest “hybrid war” technology in order to navigate through the same (albeit modernised) minefield that claimed JFK’s life. He tactically uses social media and creates special memetic chains (example: the catchphrase “fake news”) in order to evade the information attacks of his adversaries. As I very briefly outlined here, the key to remaining in power is striking your enemy in the information space so quickly that by the time they’ve reacted to the first blow, the second one is already inbound. Trump is learning quickly, simply because he has to if he wants to survive even 1 term.

By the way, this vote in the House of Representatives is completely meaningless and designed to motivate the anti-Trump liberal electorate. Again, it is part of the general “fourth generation war” going on among the US upper echelons of power.

To end I will just reiterate: I am not “pro” anyone or anything (the word “pro” is used as a part of social media smear campaigns). I want the US to stop bombing children, so I will support any action of any US president that pushes things in that direction. And here Trump is making some serious, positive moves.

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