Trump Wants To “Help Ukraine Get Its Territory Back”, But What Does This Actually Mean?

By Ollie Richardson

The Special Representative of the State Department for Ukraine Kurt Volker, after his last meeting with Putin’s aide Vladislav Surkov in Belgrade on November 13th, gave an interview to the notorious “Politico” magazine, in which he whispered more sweet nothings into the ears of “Je Suis Charlie” Europeans, GI Joe Americans, and “we wanted the EU, but got Africa” Ukrainians. Here are a few examples:

“Now, we don’t accept Russia’s invasion and occupation of Crimea and its claimed annexation, but if we can make progress on the other one—on the Donbass—we should do it.”

Whether or not America “accepts” Crimea lawfully returning to the structure of the Russian Federation is by the by. And in fact, the State Duma doesn’t give one iota about the US’ opinion on this topic. The fact is that it was a one way transaction, and Mr Volker knows this very well. The US hoped to occupy as much Ukrainian territory as possible, but unfortunately for Washington, some escaped to safety (Donbass and Crimea).

“And I’m happy to do it [this job – ed]; I’m doing it on a voluntary basis, so I’m not taxing the taxpayers here…”

If Volker is trying to present himself as a do-gooder before the eyes of the “civilised” west, he should stop, because he’s not fooling anybody. According to the website of the “McCain Institute for International Leadership”, Volker is the Executive Director of this NGO. I.e., he receives dividends from John McCain’s military-industrial complex adventures, which work in tandem with the Israeli lobby AIPAC to fulfil Tel Aviv’s foreign policy objectives. In other words, Volker’s job is literally to sell war, but to call it “peace” instead.



Our third meeting, as you said, was a step back. They went back to their original proposal again.”

This quote is Volker’s answer to the question about the deployment of UN peacekeepers in Donbass. It should be understood, however, that both the US and Russia are involved in a sub-chess game – the struggle for leverage in the UN Security Council. Putin already gained the upper-hand with the Minsk Agreements, which prevent the US and EU from simply walking away from their pillaging of Ukraine like a child playing a video game. However, the US, using the sneaky diplomatic tricks that it has come to be infamous for (see John Kerry in Syria when he tried to save the “moderate” rebels in Aleppo), invented this “UN peacekeepers” topic in an attempt to try to put Russia in somewhat of a corner, where it is depicted as not wanting peace simply because UN peacekeepers actually do not bring peace – far from it! So, Putin seized the initiative, neutralised it by proposing a plan that is contrary to the US’ (UN forces must not wander too far from the contact line, whereas the US wanted to give them free rein all over Ukraine). Now the topic has been exposed as the bluff that it originally was, although Russia would like to see a UN mission present in Donbass to aid the pushing back of Kiev forces from the line of demarcation – a requirement of the Minsk agreements.

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The most curious part of the “Politico” interview with the State Department’s special representative is his answer to the question “is Trump ready to make peace?”:

“He wants to make peace; he wants to see this resolved; he wants to see Ukraine get its territory back. It’s crystal clear.”

Just like the entire US Senate and Congress, Mr Volker knows very well that Ukraine’s destiny is closer to the process of disintegration than it is to reunification. America took a gamble when it entered Ukraine, and it lost Crimea and Donbass (so far it is only these territories, although there is every possibility that other regions may follow suit). So, how can America (using the hands of Kiev) return Crimea without declaring war on Russia? It can’t. And how can the US, via it’s UAF proxies, return the DPR and LPR into the corpse known as Ukraine? It can’t. In fact, it can be said with certainty that the Houthis in Yemen are better equipped and trained than the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Volker’s statement about returning territory is a complete bluff, designed to not upset the most ardent Ukrainian “Patriots” – they already lost Crimea, so to tell them that more can follow would flood “Malorossiya” with blue and yellow tears. The only fate left for those who jumped on Maidan is to serve as a laboratory rat in the CIA’s slavic experiment known as “independent Ukraine”. And after all, can he really be expected to tell the truth? That Ukraine as a country is finished? That the standard of living will drop and drop exponentially? That civil war will spread further and further towards the corners of the country? That America once again destroyed a sovereign nation? What’s worse is that he attached Trump’s name to this false commitment, thus pushing the President further and further into the arms of the war hawks in Senate.

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It was hoped that there would be some rapprochement between the US and Russia under Trump, after all, he did tease that the US could recognise Crimea as Russian back in 2016, and then a few months later post-election Trump, via the mouth of the now-fired Sean Spicer, said that he “expects the Russian government to de-escalate violence in the Ukraine and return Crimea”. This is a prime example of how politics works in the Western world – today’s promises are tomorrow’s toilet paper, and today’s allies are tomorrow’s adversaries (see the circus surrounding the “resignation” of the Lebanese PM Saad Hariri).

America’s course has now been determined not even 1 year after Trump’s election victory. The hope that the US would work side-by-side with Russia in Syria and end the war in Donbass was dashed by reality – a reality in which the US has been at war for 222 years out of its entire 239-year history, and in which a native population was massacred for the sake of building the Star-Spangled Banner™. Does this mean that Trump is a letdown, and that those self-proclaimed “pro-Russians” who had blind faith in him were deceived? Nyet. What it does mean, however, is that those forces that put a bullet in the head of John F. Kennedy are still at large, running rampant in the US Congress and Senate. Fortunately for Trump his son took the initiative, as a result of which he will probably make it through his term in office with his head still on his shoulders.

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“Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake”

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