Trump’s Representatives Come to Russia to Test the Waters, to Ukraine to Change Power

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Carter Page, the assistant to the new US President Donald Trump, has arrived in Moscow, who, in the opinion of some experts, will “test the waters” regarding Russia’s readiness to establish contact.

As the former Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada and speaker of the Parliament of Novorossiya Oleg Tsarev considers, such meetings with representatives of Trump now are of key importance for all countries, because they will form the foundation for new relationships.

“It is worth noting that the team of Trump is engaged in building contacts with all countries. The representatives of the new President come not only to Moscow – in December, the delegation from the Republican party, led by Senator McCain, will visit Ukraine. It’s unlikely that any decisions will be adopted, but it is precisely now that agreements will be concluded and the direction determined on which U.S. relations with other countries will be further enhanced,” said Tsarev.

He also noted that the current U.S. President Barack Obama found himself in the role of “lame duck”, but power is still concentrated in his hands, and on the other hand, everyone understands that it is necessary to build relationships with the team of Trump.

“The current situation can be characterised as a situation of power vacuum, when the world hegemon, the United States, does not have a single rigid power vertical. And, of course, this is a convenient moment to solve complex issues, for example, to achieve a breakthrough on the situation in Syria,” said Tsarev.

In the opinion of the expert, such contacts for Ukraine can have a widespread impact, because they will decide who will lead Ukraine after Poroshenko.

“In Ukraine, the monitoring group from the Republican party is perceived as a group that will conduct the search for a new candidate to replace Petro Poroshenko. They are very interested in Ms. Tymoshenko as well as other candidates,” said Tsarev.

According to Tymoshenko, because the other candidates – Yatsenyuk and Nalyvaychenko – have a low rating, and for them there is not a developed party structure, so the main contender for the presidency of Ukraine is now her. She proclaimed that has been working with representatives of the Republican party for a long time.

“On November 11th, in the central office of “Fatherland”, Yulia Tymoshenko gathered the heads of regional offices. It was made clear to all of them that although many await, quite rightly, the arrival of McCain as a “bride”, in fact the choice was already made in favor of Tymoshenko,” summed up Tsarev.

Oleg Tsarev: Ukraine Without Poroshenko

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