Tsarev Commented on Bloomberg’s Statement About the Integration of Donbass

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The former Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, the former speaker of parliament of Novorossiya Oleg Tsarev commented on the statement of Bloomberg for Putin’s plans to separate Donbass via integration with Russia. According to him, this was always considered as one of the options for the development of events should the Minsk Agreements remain unfulfilled by Kiev.

He noted that the first step in this question is economic integration. It is important that the first supply of iron ore to the Republics was organized. “Now the first step is economic integration, and it is very important that raw materials started to go there. Yes, so far not in sufficient quantities. But it went, and we will hope that in the future all enterprises will receive it,” stated Tsarev.

According to Tsarev, the second step of integration will be the issue of Russian passports. At the same time he added that even de facto integration of Donbass exists and it will become stronger, de jure such a decision is unlikely to be made. Earlier, the Bloomberg agency with reference to three sources close to the authorities in Moscow declared that Vladimir Putin intends to completely separate Donbass via gradual integration with Russia. While official recognition or accession of the territories of the self-proclaimed Republics aren’t in the plans of Russia.

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