Tsarev: Flirting With Radicals Will Not Lead to Anything Good for Zelensky

Representatives of the team of President Zelensky of Ukraine, who, according to Ukrainian radicals, act in the interests of the Kremlin, will henceforth be under the constant supervision of the Nazis. This was stated by the participants of the protest action outside the walls of the Zelensky administration.

“People who constantly pursue a pro-Russia policy in the Presidential Administration, their names are known to us. It’s Ermak, it’s Bogdan, it’s Sivokho, it’s other people. From that moment on, they have to live in hell all the time. These people who gathered here are the people who fought for them, they are the people who know what Ukraine is, they are the people who supported it. And, the worst thing for these people – for Bogdan, for Sivokho, for Ermak – is people who know where you live. It’s people who know where you work, it’s people who know where you’re used to having breakfast. These are the people who will turn your life into hell.

From this second, I believe that we will arrange a permanent, call it a safari, call it excursions, against those people who constantly and systemically work in the interests of Russia,” a participant of the action said.

The “Novorossiya” information agency asked experts to assess the further interaction of Zelensky and his team with the Nazis, against the background of continued threats from the latter.

According to the director of the Progressive Politics Foundation, political scientist Oleg Bondarenko, radicals can indeed take any serious action against Zelensky.

“I quite allow such an option in which “Nazimaidan” will be organised in Ukraine against Zelensky with the participation of radicals, military personnel, and law enforcement. I consider this quite possible because the current Ukrainian president has never been accepted by Ukrainian neo-Nazis for a number of reasons, unlike his predecessor Poroshenko. So such threats voiced by radicals at the protest are not meaningless at all. Indeed, there may be persecution, provocation, and so on from their side. Another thing is that if Zelensky himself does not react to them in any way, then by this, of course, he shows his weakness.

Will Ukrainian radicals be allowed by ‘Western partners’ to do something serious against Zelensky? These neo-Nazi groups do anything without anyone asking and they have absolutely no business, to put it mildly, with ‘international partners’ . Moreover, they have some curators – they have “their own”, siloviki have ‘their own’, and so on. There are completely different verticals of subordination, so no ‘permission’ for any action will be necessary,” said the interlocutor of the agency.

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Bondarenko also noted that the forthcoming Normandy summit [on December 9th – ed] will not change anything in this regard.

“Nothing will change on this issue and the Normandy summit itself will be more of a formal one. You can hardly talk about any breakthroughs today. At best, a complete withdrawal of troops and an exchange of prisoners will be agreed upon. I repeat, this is at best. Regarding the internal Ukrainian standoff, in particular Zelensky with radicals – it will continue, in my opinion,” summed up the expert.

In turn, the politician and former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Oleg Tsarev believes that the rally that takes place outside the walls of the administration of the Ukrainian president is staged.

“As for the ‘protest’ itself, I think it is staged. In my opinion, on the one hand, former President Poroshenko played in a sub-game with the administration of the current president. On the other hand, now the square in front of the administration was occupied by fighters of the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Avakov, and there is no doubt that the same scenario that was implemented in the settlement of Zolotoye before the disengagement of troops and means is being repeated.

Back then Biletsky and his associates entered this territory and then handed it over. He went in there to keep someone else from going in. Concerning sounding statements, yes the statements are loud, but whether or not there is something serious behind them… I think that tomorrow all tents installed in front of the administration of the president will be removed and all will disperse. This is my opinion on the ‘event’ that is now taking place outside the administration.

As for the situation with the approval rating and level of support of Zelensky in principle, I will note that there is already such a tradition when every next Ukrainian president has a rating that falls faster than the previous one. People get frustrated faster and faster. Therefore, it is quite possible that Zelensky will have a sharp drop in his approval rating in the future.

However, he must understand that Ukraine is dominated by either law or radicals. If the current Ukrainian president does not clean up order and does not enter into conflict with representatives of radical groups – there will be no order in Ukraine, everything will become only worse. It is not worth playing with radicals, this is quite obvious and Zelensky needs to understand it,” said the politician

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