Oleg Tsarev: Ukraine Adopted Law for Elimination of Enemies Outside of Its Borders

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Ukraine became the first and only country in the post Soviet space to adopt a law on the elimination of enemies outside the state, said the politician Oleg Tsarev to Life.

“In Ukraine a law was adopted and a special group was created at the State Intelligence Department of the Defense Ministry, which allows the elimination of enemies of Ukraine outside of her borders. Such a law doesn’t exist in the former USSR countries. The power changes often in Ukraine, such an order is documented, and the next leader, in the case of illegality of the order, can prosecute the previous government,” said Tsarev.

He noted that at the beginning of the events in Ukraine in the spring of 2014, he often met Motorola, but lately the meetings hav been rare.

As a reminder, in the evening of 16th October, the leader of the DPR militia Arseny Pavlov was assassinated in a multi-story building. A bomb was planted in the elevator and was detonated when Motorola was in the carriage.

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