Tumba-Yumba From Proto-Ukie Tribe and Patriarch Kirill

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Our Tumba-yumba tribe, it is the most important, it the greatest, it is in the center of the world and overseas kings and emperors come here by ships to ask for advice and permission to govern the country of our great leader!

Lately they, through their Embassy in the UK, were left indignant by the actions of Her Majesty the Queen, who met with Russian Patriarch Kirill, and for this purpose invited him to visit Buckingham Palace.

As is known, the Patriarch arrived on the Island for a four-day visit that was timed with the tercentenary of the presence of the Russian Orthodox Church in the British Isles.

Here is what the Imperial media wrote about it:

“The Ukrainian ambassador to the UK, Natalia Galibarenko, is not happy with the news, saying that this could legitimise Russian aggression against Ukraine, which the Patriarch has supported.

The UK Foreign and Commonwealth office has responded to Ms Galibarenko’s remarks saying the meeting was held due to the fact The Queen is Supreme Governor of the Church of England and that it was “appropriate to recognise the shared history and links”.

The office of foreign relations answered to the visitor from another land with beading around her neck that the Queen is the head of the Church in England, which when translated from diplomatic to Russian, means “hop away, slavish frog”.

Before meeting with the Queen, the Patriarch also met with the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, and held a service in London, which was attended by Prince Michael of Kent.

The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin and Patriarch Kirill of Russia

Great Britain is an Empire and a civilization. Russia is an Empire and a civilization.

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They can (and will) be in conflict, but they are on equal terms and respect each other. But Tumba-yumba from the tribe of proto-Ukies can only jump around a bonfire of tires, poking spears at Putin’s image.

Moreover, the choice to fall down from their equality in greatness, Imperial and civilizational to primeval savagery, to the status of a colony and tribal structure they chose on their own… for the cookies and the promise of a visa-free regime…

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