Turchynov Admitted That He Sent Criminals to the Frontline and Personally Gave Them Weapons

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The Ukrainian authorities distributed weapons to everyone in order to fight in Donbass since April, 2014. The existence of a criminal record, even for serious crimes, wasn’t a reason for refusal.

This was stated in an interview with the BBC devoted to the third anniversary since the beginning of the war in Donbass by the current Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine Aleksandr Turchynov, who performed the President’s duties in 2014 after the coup d’etat.

“I remember one meeting with battalions on the frontline with volunteer units, where one of the attendees, covered in tattoos, asked: ‘Boss, will there be amnesty or not? There we have guys who are interested’. I asked: ‘And who are these guys?’ ‘Well, there are … murders, robberies’. Yes, it was,” confesses Turchynov.

According to him, he personally opened warehouses with weapons and distributed them when commanders of military units refused to do it.

“I remember when I was opening warehouses with weapons to give to battalions, officers were refusing to do it. They asked me: ‘Aleksandr, who would be responsible for that?’ And I said: ‘That would be me’, and I personally kept signing orders for the giving out of weapons. Yes, many worried what can happen if – being armed – they don’t execute orders … Indeed, at that time we didn’t check anyone. Everyone — convicted or not — said that they were ready to defend the country, they enrolled, they received weapons, and went East,” stated Turchynov.

As a reminder, Politnavigator already reported that recently in Kiev the loud trial came to an end of the gang of criminals from the odious “Tornado” battalion – led by the five-time convicted “hero of the anti-terrorist operation” Ruslan Onishchenko, who together with accomplices was given 9 or 11 years of prison for commiting severe and especially serious crimes against civilians in the Lugansk region, including illegal arrests, tortures, mockeries, beatings, murders, robberies, and rapes. It is interesting that all these facts didn’t prevent the unrecognized-in-the-orthodox-world Filarets’ “Kiev patriarchy” from awarding an order to Onishchenko.

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