Turchynov “Joked” About the Need to Take Moscow to End the War in Donbass

Translated by Ollie Richardson



The secretary of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) of Ukraine Aleksandr Turchynov, during a visit to positions of the Ukrainian military personnel in the anti-terrorist operation zone jokingly said that fighting must end with the capture of Moscow. He published the corresponding video on Thursday, June 1st, on his page on Facebook.

In the video it is visible how Turchynov examines the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (UAF), and inquires about the deliveries of food and ammunition. Also, the secretary of the NSDC via binoculars evaluated the advanced positions of the enemy.

During a survey of one of the buildings damaged by shelling, Turchynov reported that it will be completely repaired after the end of the war. “When we will take Moscow, then [war] will come to an end,” answered the secretary of the National Security and Defense Council.

Earlier, on Thursday it was reported that the secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine supported the fastest introduction of a visa regime with Russia. “I consider that this question hasn’t only ripened, but has become overripe. It needs to be realized as soon as possible. It will be better for the country”.

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