Turkey’s Desire for Peace With Russia: List of Sacrifices

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



So, the situation has come to the point when, especially in Turkish Islamist circles, information on the Internet has started to appear en-masse about what Turkey offered to Russia for reconciliation. Russia today de facto became the closest friend of Turkey, not only because Moscow warned Erdogan about the impending coup, but also because of those agreements that Turkey signed and continues to sign.

Now I will list all points that I collected from various sources on the Internet. I can already say that some sources claim that they have an informant in the government of Turkey, the others nod at relatives etc. What to believe? I would say this: take it rather as information for consideration and be prepared to seek confirmation, including indirect information from the media, and random phrases of politicians etc. Because all information that will be stated by me below is from the category “unconfirmed, but extremely accurate.”

1. Turkish stream
Of course, the main burdensome contract became the agreement on construction of the pipeline under Russian conditions. The fact that it will be built is obvious, it is also obvious that now Turkey will simply maintain the pipeline and will get money exclusively for its service. The security of the pipeline will also be dealt with by Turkish companies that will be hired by Gazprom or other organizations responsible for the transportation of gas. Initially, in the beginning of the spring, Turkey was offered more lenient terms for the pipeline, but the summer conditions became tougher. Turkey will not own the pipeline, and therefore will not receive any money for gas transit.

2. Visa-free regime
A unilateral visa-free regime with Turkey. Citizens of Russia will be able to drive on the territory of Turkey without visas, but citizens of Turkey in Russia – no.

3. Curtailing activities in Syria and Iraq
It is difficult to say what exactly this agreement means, as Turkish troops have still not left Iraq, and it looks like they are not going to. Meanwhile, it already became obvious that the militants in Northern Syria have ceased to receive assistance from Turkish “charity” organizations. A number of trucks were turned back from the border.

4. The release of journalists
Yes, Yes, there really is a point about this. Erdogan must gradually release a number of opposition journalists who were jailed for investigating activity between Turkey and ISIS militants.

5. Unobstructed passage of military ships through the Bosporus
We are talking about the fact that Turkey and Russia already signed an additional agreement, which allows Russia to relocate any ships of any tonnage through the Straits of Turkey without special approval – only on notification.

Erdogan signed these five items prior to the situation with the military coup. This was those demands that Erdogan fulfilled for the sake of reconciliation. But what Russia and Turkey were discussing after the suppressed coup is much more interesting.

6. Turkey is ready to pass-on codes and encryption of NATO’s “friend and foe” aircraft.

7. Turkey is ready to start scaling back the number of NATO’s missions on its territory.

8. Turkey is ready to suspend its membership in NATO.

Here’s what is extremely interesting. All these points are apparently in the state of being discussed with Moscow. Ankara showed its readiness, and now is waiting for an answer from Moscow on such generous offers.

It will be to see what Moscow has to offer in return for this? It is also possible that Turkey has already fulfilled some steps in exchange for information about the coup. But it is most likely that this information was passed to Moscow without any preconditions. Because if the military coup had succeeded, the new government of Turkey would have broke off all binding contracts, and Moscow would have no remaining trumps (as Erdogan and his team would be deposed of and imprisoned, including for the downed aircraft of the Russian air force). Moreover, the coup would have taken place after the normalization of relations, thus Putin would look very strange if he tried once again to freeze relations with Turkey after the coup.

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