“We Turned the Other Cheek”: The Polish Foreign Ministry Said That Its Patience With Ukraine Ran Out

Translated by Ollie Richardson



Poland over two years “turned the other cheek” to Kiev, however the actions of the Ukrainian authorities forced Warsaw to act. This was stated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland Witold Waszczykowski, reports Polska The Times.

He blamed Ukraine for the strain of relations between the States, and noted that misunderstanding begun ever since Kiev banned the mayor of Przemyśl from entrance to Ukraine and withdrew its decision concerning permission to exhume the bodies of Poles buried on its territory.

“We shown patience towards Kiev. We tried to act constructively. But over two years there was no answer to our proposals, or the reaction was negative. At some point we had to react to it. And we do it much more softly than others. Even the Hungarians,” said Waszczykowski.

According to him, the deterioration in relations is also influenced by the issue of exhuming the bodies of Poles buried in Ukraine.

“We see problems, but we intentionally don’t disclose them. We talked to our partners from Ukraine, and they asked not to do this as they have a war, and  this conflict will serve to benefit the Russians. We have fulfilled these requests,” stressed Waszczykowski.

As “Vesti” wrote, tensions between Ukraine and Poland were fuelled again. The head of the Polish Foreign Ministry Witold Waszczykowski said that Poland won’t allow Ukrainians who wear SS Galicia uniforms into the country, and also will create special “black lists” for Ukrainians with anti-Polish views. These lists were created, and a few weeks ago the Polish border guards didn’t allow into the country the head of Ukraine’s commemoration commission Svyatoslav Sheremet.

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Earlier the President of Poland Andrzej Duda said that the leadership of Ukraine is full of people with “nationalist and anti-Polish views”, therefore they need to be dismissed from their positions.

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