It Turns Out Africa is More Civilised Than Europe

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



A popular legend from the “enlightened West” about the fatal backwardness of the peoples of the African continent is refuted by life itself.

The events that took place recently in the distant African country of Gambia could give the thinking person an abundance of “food for thought”. The fact is that in this godforsaken country a natural coup took place. The former President, who lost the latest elections, immediately ceased to pretend to be a Democrat and immediately imposed martial law, in order to stay in power in a simple way.

The situation of blatant lawlessness is fairly standard for Africa, and it hardly would have deserved our special attention if not entirely for the non-standard reaction of neighboring African countries on such a development of events. A number of member countries of the Economic Community of West African Countries (the African equivalent of the European Union), expressed strong disagreement with the putsch of the former Gambian leader, and Senegal and Nigeria sent to the territory of this country their troops to restore constitutional order there. 24 hours had not passed before the rebellious ex-Gambian President waved the white flag and agreed to hand over power to the legitimate head of state. Here’s to “African savagery.”

And now let’s remember how in almost a similar situation the so-called “civilized community of Western democracies” behaved. In February 2014, in Ukraine, it happened exactly the same way as now in Gambia, that is an armed coup and usurpation of power by the opportunists. But the supposedly “enlightened and law-abiding” Europe, together with the same “civilized” America, didn’t even dare to condemn this outrageous act of lawlessness and violence over the whole European people! Moreover, these egregious “Democrats” ran ahead of the locomotive, i.e. ahead of the Kiev rebels themselves, demanding that they overthrow the legitimate Ukrainian government as quickly as possible and by any means! But even this was not enough for them! Now, especially after the silly revelations about Obama that the US “helped the change of power in Kiev”, the open secret is that it is precisely the countries of the West in the first place who prepared, organized, and financed this anti-constitutional rebellion.

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Here you have two big differences, as is said in Odessa. On the one hand, supposedly wild Africa, which, all as one, stood up for the defence of law and order in a particular African country. And didn’t stop even in front of the use of force in order to compel the mutineers to unconditional surrender. And on the other hand, the supposedly civilized West, who in similar circumstances did exactly the opposite – by all means, supported complete lawlessness and took an active part in the overthrow of the legitimate government!

So who then is actually representative of a civilised community, and who is the worst savage, the place for which is in an iron cage, so that no one is bitten? Alas, today everything became crystal clear who the candidate is for settlement in this barred space. And it’s not at all Africa.


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