In Two Days the Website #WITHOUTBALACLAVAS Received More Than 1,000 Dossiers on Ukrainian Radicals

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


In just two days readers submitted to the website #WITHOUTBALACLAVAS more than 1,000 files on radicals.

Journalists of the Ukrainian oppositional edition “Golos Pravdy” wrote about it:

“The project was officially launched on August 24th. In two days more than 1,000 files on radicals were sent to the [email protected] email and via the section ‘add a person’. In total about 3,000 files are being processed,” it is said in the statement.

At the same time on August 24th during the whole day the website was subjected to very powerful attacks. More than 650,000 IP addresses were recorded!

“Despite difficulties, volunteers will continue to process the data. All radicals that kindle ethnic strife and support the continuation of war in the Southeast will be published without balaclavas”.

Journalists of “Golos Pravdy” thank Ukrainians who support the restoration of peace in our country.

The address of the website #WITHOUTBALACLAVAS is

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