Two DPR Soldiers Were Killed by “Azov” Sniper Fire

Two soldiers of the People’s Militia of the DPR were killed and another was wounded by the sniper fire of Kiev’s militants. This was reported today in the Leadership of the People’s Militia of the DPR.

“Yesterday, as a result of the work of enemy snipers, a soldier of the People’s Militia of the DPR was wounded. In an attempt to evacuate him, two more of our soldiers suffered wounds incompatible with life,” the message reads. “In the course of the forced counter-sniper fire, the enemy suffered losses – three killed and two wounded”.

According to intelligence, the attack was carried out by snipers from the extremist group “Azov“, which was sent to the “OUF” zone to destabilise the situation in the run-up to the meeting of the “Normandy Four” on December 9th. Their task was to target the soldiers and civilians of the DPR.

It is specified that the militants previously took a special course on sniping at the International Interdepartmental Multidisciplinary Center for Training of Units of the National Guard of Ukraine and on November 29th received the corresponding certificates.

“This latest bloody crime continues to indicate the inability of the OUF command to take control of crazy nationalists, who in order to achieve their goals have intensified their use of ‘dirty’ methods of war,” summed up the Leadership of the People’s Militia.

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