Two Fighters of Azov Were Detained for Murder in Donbass

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The murders were committed intentionally, they weren’t domestic, stated the Chief Military Prosecutor, adding that “this is a horrible thing”.

The military prosecutor Anatoly Matios stated that last week law enforcement bodies detained two fighters of a regiment of the National Guard “Azov” for premeditated murder.

Last week the media reported that Azov is suspected of murder in Mariupol. According to journalists, they fought against drug trafficking. The police reported that two young men came forward, however they have no relation to the National Guard.

“Last week we detained two fighters of the National Guard from the regiment Azov for the commission of violent acts – murder,” said Matios on the air of ZIK.

The military prosecutor didn’t begin to report the details of the incident and who were the victims of the military personnel.

“They weren’t on the line of the anti-terrorist operation, but on the third line of defense. Murders were committed intentionally, they weren’t domestic. This is a horrible thing, it can’t be voiced daily because it undermines the faith in those who protected the State. Azov were involved in the liberation of Mariupol,” noted Matios.

In his opinion, all this happens because of the depreciation of human values, and also fatigue from war and its consequences.

“People who were involved in this, in the afternoon are real heroes, and at night they have psychological stress, they inadequately assess the situation. Of course, it doesn’t cast a shadow on all of Azov,” emphasized Matios.

“The level of violent crimes with the use of weapons by those who own them on legal grounds doesn’t decrease. The combination of post-traumatic syndrome and a lack of change of ‘picture’ leads to the fact that brains just melt,” he added.

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