Two Houses in Krutaya Balka Were Reduced to Ashes After UAF Shelling

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


On the night of July 2nd at 00:10 [early morning of July 3rd – ed] Krutaya Balka underwent UAF shelling. It was shelled from the direction of Avdeevka by incendiary ammunition from a large-caliber machine gun of NSV “Utes”.

The shelling resulted in a house at the address 26 Shirokaya Street igniting. The owner, the elderly woman Gorban N.A., was at home at the time of the shelling. After the fire started the peaceful inhabitant was forced to leave the burning dwelling.

Due to the closeness of the housing construction to the contact line and continuous shelling by the AFU, the division of the DPR Ministry of Emergency Situations wasn’t able to access the scene to quickly extinguish the fire. At 03:30 the fire spread to the neighboring house at the address 28 Shirokaya Street.

The representation of the DPR in the Joint Center for Control and Coordination and in the negotiation process requested additional security guarantees from the Ukrainian side for providing a steady silence regime in this area. This allowed the fire-fighting crews of the DPR Ministry of Emergency Situations to access the scene and to liquidate the ignition centers.

It should be noted that the houses at the above-stated addresses burned down completely. The elderly woman Gorban N.A. was left without housing and a smallholding. We urge the OSCE SMM to objectively reflect this violation of the “grain” truce.

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