Two Press Conferences: Poroshenko and Yanukovych

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Press conferences were held by two presidents of Ukraine, with a gap of two days between them: on February 28th in Kiev – Petro Poroshenko, who took office in doubtful circumstances; and on March 2nd in Moscow – Viktor Yanukovych, who lost his post under circumstances that were no less doubtful.

Poroshenko assured journalists that his life is “not sugar” … Probably, referring to the “sweet topic” was not a very smart move, if to recall the chocolate business of Poroshenko and his January holiday in the Maldives for half a million dollars. In response to a question about what’s it like for the president-oligarch to live in a country where people “survive” it was said: “I don’t want to discuss my life now, but believe me, it’s not sugar”. And Yanukovych two days later said: “I can’t say that I am happy with everything. I can’t say it. It’s very difficult for me, it hurts me a lot”. And a complaint: “Nobody envies me today”.

Both of them could say something else: that today nobody envies Ukraine, that in Ukraine life is not at all sugar, and that it’s painful not only for them. However, their grief doesn’t stem from this, although both of them had a hand in people’s lives becoming “not sugar”.

Yanukovych tried to remain sitting on two chairs – the European Union and the Customs Union. Flirting with Europe, he didn’t do anything to prevent the efforts to tear off the Malorossiyan (Ukrainian) branch of the Russian people from Russian civilisation. When in 2013 he postponed the signing of the cabal agreement on association with the EU, the West apprehended it as an attempt to get off the hook and launched the coup mechanism. The President of Ukraine was obliged to bring order and to sweep away the wild people on Maidan, but he didn’t do it: neither on January 19th, 2014, when “peaceful protesters” began to burn the defenders of order with Molotov cocktails, nor on February 18th when “protesters” rushed in a column to storm the governmental quarter…

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At the crucial moment the West used the unknown snipers technology, having accused the defenders of law and order of staging mass murder in order to top off the bacchanalia with a coup. Poroshenko couldn’t but understand that Ukraine is needed by the West not as an equal partner, but as a military base, as a colonial market, as a source of cheap labor, as the start of the implementation of the ancient project “Drang Nach Osten”. However, he continued to fool people’s heads with the chimera “We are coming back home, to Europe”. This lie was included into the Ukrainian official ideology. 1030 years ago Prince Vladimir the Great, having baptised Rus, made his choice together with the people, and the path chosen by him became the path of Russian civilisation. Rus expanded in the space between the three oceans. Many tried to narrow it down. And it is they who Poroshenko became a lackey fir. At a press conference on February 28th he again spoke about his desire to cement in the Constitution the course of Ukraine to the EU and NATO, and bragged that he “won’t allow revanche”.

And the sense of the press conference of Yanukovych consisted solely in declaring: “Poroshenko did everything to not allow me to have legal proceedings…” This references the process in absentia over Yanukovych in Kiev and his “high treason”. It was again expected from Yanukovych that he will slightly reveal “secrets of Maidan”, but he again confined himself to general phrases. But he could’ve reported, for example, his narrative of the appearance of the “unknown snipers”. To the question “who from the leaders of Maidan knew about the shootings?” the lawyer even made a hint about the participation of the “four P’s” [Poroshenko, Pashinsky, Parubiy, Parasyuk – ed] in the shootings. It can be guessed that Poroshenko is one of them. However, Yanukovych kept silent even here: “I don’t want to act like them and name criminals without a court process. Nobody will escape the truth. Everything is still ahead”. And he also reported that he has no money, that he lives at the expense of his son, and that no bank in the world found “Yanukovych’s money” in his safes.

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The sense of Poroshenko’s press conference was just as shallow: blackmailing the Rada a little bit, having threatened its dissolution and early elections if deputies amicably don’t vote for the “pro-European laws” offered to them, “which are not yet completely ready”. The Rada, fearing dissolution, quickly before the press conference held a round table and approved the plan of adopting the 57 laws needed by the West. The main one of which is the law on the Anti-corruption court, which at the legislative level puts Poroshenko and his environment under the direct control of the United States. Western curators, apparently, made Poroshenko an offer that he couldn’t refuse. In the person of the speaker Parubiy, the Rada promised to “adopt everything that will need to be adopted”, and need for its dissolution disappeared. After all, there’s no point in cancelling the press conference after this! And Ukraine heard a two-hour shaking of air. Of course, there was no talk about restoring relations with Russia at all. At the same time, as the State Statistics Service of Ukraine prompts, in 2017 the “aggressor country” became the largest trade partner of Ukraine. Ukraine’s import from Russia last year totalled $7.2 billion – a 140% increase in comparison with 2016. The problem is that nobody speaks about this openly. The regime of thieves is desperately afraid of nationalists and doesn’t know what to do with them, and nationalists are ravenous: the C14 organisation – known for its hooligan tricks – even posted an announcement on the Internet about its readiness to frighten anyone for money. Nationalist groups become a problem even for “activists of Maidan”.

In Kiev it was said that Poroshenko hurried to appoint a press conference for February 28th (even regional journalists weren’t able to attend it) to for at least one day outdo Vladimir Putin’s speech in front of the Federal Assembly on March 1st. Yanukovych, who prepared a press conference timed with the fourth anniversary of his address to Putin on March 1st, 2014, with a request for the introduction of troops, also rescheduled communication with journalists for one day later. However, all of this was in vain: the two press conferences once again showed that both politicians – Yanukovych and Poroshenko – belong to the past. They have nothing to tell the people of Ukraine.

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