U.S. Citizen and Former “Azov” Member Craig Lang Was Put on House Arrest in Ukraine

The American Craig Lang, who took part in the war in Donbass on Ukraine’s side as a volunteer, was placed under 24-hour house arrest until February 3rd 2020. Such a measure of restraint was appointed for him by the Vinnitsky Court of Appeal, reports “Judicial Authority of Ukraine”.

“In order to ensure the extradition of a person (extradition arrest), the Vinnitsky Court of Appeal applied 24-hour house arrest to US citizen Craig Lang until February 3rd 2020,” reads the message.

The order of the Vinnitsky City Court to extend Lang’s detention until February 3rd was annulled.

In early October Lang was arrested in Ukraine for extradition to the United States. There, among other things, he is suspected of killing an elderly couple who the military man promised to sell weapons to, and in fact robbed and killed.

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