UAF Commander: The Ukrainian Army Is Allowed to Open Fire in Donbass Despite the “School Truce”

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Despite the “school truce”, the UAF still has no ban on shooting in the contact zone.

This was declared by the commander of the forces of the operational-tactical “Lugansk” group [UAF; not at all affiliated with the LPR – ed], the Major-General Oleg Mikats.

“It is made clear to every serviceman: he has an machine gun – and if he sees a threat to his life, the lives of his comrades, if he sees that there is the threat of a loss of territory – he, without asking anybody for permission, independently makes the decision to open fire,” noted O. Mikats.

Also, at the moment commanders of units that can use mortars and fighting vehicles at their own discretion have the same instructions. The Major-General also emphasized that the lack of a ban on shooting in the contact zone is a decision made with the involvement of President Poroshenko.

“And this is determined also by the decision of the President as the Supreme Commander, that yes, we observe the truce, but it won’t be unilateral,” summarised the General.

As a reminder, on August 23rd the Contact group on the settlement of the conflict between Donbass and Ukraine at another meeting in Minsk coordinated a ceasefire as of August 25th.

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