UAF Commander: You’ve All Seen What We Do With Prisoners? So Don’t Surrender to Avoid the Same

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Storm Mariupol

Why did Ukrainians under Petliura’s and Bandera’s flags come to the land of Donbass? To defend the population against mythical aggressors? To fight with mythical terrorists, as their false media claims?

But here are their father-commanders admonishing the UAF for something different: “I admonish you, go, fight, and kill! Stand up and be counted! And – you’ve all seen what we do with prisoners? That’s why I do not advise you to be taken into captivity, because you will have exactly the same, or even worse. You already made the decision, you fight courageously. You kill! That’s why you will receive what you wanted. Glory to Ukraine!”

I.e. everything is extremely honest. The main precept of any invader: kill, plunder, rape, maraud, abuse prisoners, do what you want – it is not your land nor your people, that’s why there is no pity for anybody. This, as we can see, the Ukrainian occupiers on the land of Donbass – Russian land of Russian people – carry out fully.

And this video is yet more confirmation.

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