UAF Deliberately Shelled the Residential Quarters of Stakhanov

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


“Yesterday evening at 21:20 there was an explosion, before this it was silent, and now everything is in smoke, plaster fell down, and at the time I tried to come out, the gate was blown away, they flew at the entrance door of the house. All the floor, gate, glass, there are a lot of disasters.

The Ukrainian military try to intimidate the local population, I don’t see other reasons. There are no military positions here, neither equipment nor military,” said the local.

The Kiev Armed Forces shelled Stakhanov from Popasnaya yesterday, houses and the school are damaged. This was reported by the official representative of the People’s militia of the LPR Lieutenant-Colonel Andrey Marochko.

He noted that the Ukrainian Armed Forces committed another act of aggression against civilians.

“Thus, yesterday from the settlement Popasnaya, from positions of the 53rd separate mechanized brigade, the commander of which is Colonel Vodolazsky, the settlement of Stakhanov was shelled,” said Marochko.

“It is very blasphemous on the eve of the May holidays to shell civilians, especially as here there is a gas distribution station. As a result of shelling houses on Serova and Griboyedova streets, and also the high school No. 29 down Dneprovskaya street are damaged,” added the Lieutenant-Colonel.

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