UAF Fighters Were Pushed into a Minefield: Why Poroshenko “Spent” Patriots

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Fighting in the Svetlodarsk arc continued in the night from 18th to 19th December, but after the day of 18th December, the Ukrainian Armed Forces made a futile attempt to breakthrough, having lost about 10 men and 20 wounded.

Officially, the Ukrainian side then reported about 6 dead, but the famous Ukrainian volunteer, the coordinator of “Stop Terror” Simon Kabakaev argues that the victims in the UAF are a lot more – a few dozen.

“There is no accurate data on losses, the HQ gave incomplete information, losses are more than 6 people, I am afraid that it is several dozen,” he wrote on a social network.

Also, the Ukrainian side reported that it took part of the unoccupied territories. Considering how active Ukrainian artillery was (level of fire was comparable to the battles of 2014), this cannot be excluded. But the battle is still not over.

At around 11:05, the UAF advanced assault groups to Kalinovka under the cover of heavy artillery. Attempts of a breakthrough in the area of Debaltsevo were resumed. Heavy artillery shelled positions of the militia in areas near Debalsevo in the villages of Kalinovka and Logvinovo. The units of the 54th brigade of the Armed Forces participated in it under the cover of artillery from the direction of Luganskoye in the village of Kalinovka.

Now the most interesting.

The participants of the battle with surprised eyes said that most of the losses on the Ukrainian side were due to the fact that Ukrainian soldiers drowned in a minefield by their own commanders.

They were pushed twice.

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On the minefields. You should understand, they are pointed out on all maps. There, under Debaltsevo, every little stone was shelled, these minefields are old, they were mined by the UAF. And it is these minefields that the guys were pushed into. Not the conscripts, no, because since 2015 on the forefront only contractors are serving.

At the moment, according to unofficial information which I received from the participants of the events, the irrecoverable loss of the UAF is about 40 people.

The question that participants in this event cannot answer: why the Ukrainian command, on this winter night, pushed its own soldiers into the mines?

There are two versions.

Version 1: Maybe they are all idiots there… But to underestimate the enemy at this point is rather strange, and repeating such huge idiocy twice is really something out of limits.

Version 2: Now Poroshenko very much needs a small war. Victorious or not, it doesn’t matter, the most important – it must be loud and tragic. In order for volunteers to mourn the perished, and the other – to rejoice that supposedly they crush damn separatists. In order to make a noise. In order to distract attention from the “elegant” re-subordination of “PrivatBank”, which belonged to Kolomoisky, under Poroshenko’s control.

And then it turns out that these 40 living men of flesh, blood, brain, desires, hopes, relationships, these 40 people turned out to be just a bargaining chip. Not even a pawn in the beginning of the game. And at the end of the party, for this another pawn can reach the edge of a board and will become a castle (financial assets – a much more powerful figure than the local military success or defeat), and for this another pawn can be sacrificed without problem too.

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40 of the dead – newsworthy to distract voters from the re-subordination of “PrivatBank”.

The golden boys who think that at any moment can seize power in Kiev, but at first they think they need to finish with separatists. While you think this, you are betrayed one after another. You’re pushed onto the minefields, led in senseless attacks. This is not victory or betrayal, boys, this is a big economic deal, where they spit on you.

They will wave slogans in front of you and then will devour you.

And will bring you to your home in closed coffins.

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