UAF Fired Over 70 Shells on Bezymennoye During Victory Day Celebrations

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Mikhail Andronik (Donetsk war correspondent)

Today, when across the entire country parades were taking place, and millions of people watched them live, and then went out on the street to march in the immortal regiment, terrorists – they can’t be called otherwise – of the “Azov” regiment of the National Guard of Ukraine, from positions of the 36th Separate Naval Infantry Brigade and 40th Separate Artillery Brigade of Ukraine, an artillery blow was inflicted with the use of at least four types of heavy weapons on the village of Bezymennoye, on the shore of the Azov sea. More than 70 shells landed on the town. Added repulsiveness of the actions of the Nazis comes from the fact that at the time when the shelling started the children of Bezymensky schools, together with veterans, gathered to lay flowers at the memorial of glory of Soviet soldiers. As soon as the first shells landed, the military of the Armed Forces of the DPR who participated in the ceremony hid the elderly and children in the nearest bomb shelter, and as a result there were no victims.

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