UAF launched Grad at the Oktyabrsky District of Donetsk

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Sounds of fighting were heard in Donetsk during the night of August 6th. It reached the central regions. In the sky the illumination of shells was visible. This was reported on social networks by locals. According to them, it was restless in the northern suburbs of the city. At midnight in the Kuibishevsky district the village of Oktyabrsky came under fire.

Local residents living in the settlement spoke about the consequences of the UAF shelling.

“The windows were closed, I thought it was fireworks, there were rockets and two explosions of a red color. In the beginning it seemed to be far away and became silent. The window was closed, I became nervous. At first it was far away. The guys from the Ministry of Emergency Situations said it was Grad, two shells were fired. By the morning it was still loud. Go to see, all the balconies and windows were completely shattered,” said the inhabitant of Oktyabrsky.

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