UAF Major Describes the War in Donbass: We Aren’t Fighting Against Russians, We Are Killing Our Own People

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The war in Donbass horrifies most people, especially those who because of it have lost already much: family, friends, relations with relatives because of disputes about “separatism”, businesses, hopes for the future.

Unfortunately, it has happened to many in this war, that every resident of Ukraine has lost something. However bloodshed isn’t going to stop, Kiev continues to take conscripts and to send them to the anti-terrorist operation, to “defend” the Motherland with submachine guns in hands.

The former Soviet officer, and nowadays Major of the UAF Vladimir O. who returned on rotation to Kiev, recently spoke about the situation on the contact line in Donbass, reports “Odna Rodyna”.

The serviceman said that he, at first, as well as many former soldiers in Ukraine, received the instruction to go to a military registration and enlistment office where it was suggested to sign a contract and to go to the anti-terrorist operation zone, which he agreed to. Money and his position were the reason for doing it. Then the UAF promised to him a decent reward for it, and his small business became unprofitable, so in order to feed his family he went.

“There was no feeling that you were going to kill your own [people – ed]?” asked the correspondent of “Odna Rodyna”.

“Well, of course there was, and it didn’t disappear. But, on the one hand, the TV ate all brains with ‘aggression’, and on the another – Crimea was dexterously snatched, and also in 2015 the patriotic sentiments in the soul boiled over – how to admit that we were slapped in the face in Ilovaisk, Zelenopolye, and in Debaltsevo. Understanding that we aren’t fighting against Russians came in several months, and I saw personally how ours hammer peaceful Donbass people,” answered the Major of the UAF.

Also he noted that he often hears how responsibility for shelling allegedly lies not on the UAF, but on unclear divisions, like the voluntary battalion “Right Sector” or the Georgian jackals. According to him, it is the truth, but partially, as it is the Army who generally beats with artillery. Vladimir considers that gunners should pray for forgiveness of their sins, and especially their commanders who give orders.

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