UPDATED: UAF Mortar Fire on Gorlovka Killed Two Peaceful Residents

Translated by Ollie Richardson



A mortar attack committed by the Ukrainian side against the settlement of Zaitsevo (it is administratively subordinated to Gorlovka) led to two victims — a man died and a woman was seriously injured. This was reported on May 19th by the Donetsk representative office in the Joint Center for Control and Coordination (JCCC) of the ceasefire regime.

“As a result of a UAF mortar attack a man born in 1972 and the woman born in 1984 living at the address 127 Poletaeva Street received severe wounds,” it is noted in the message.

The JCCC explained that a civilian died from their wounds, and a woman was hospitalised in a serious condition. She received an injury to her stomach and numerous shrapnel wounds to both legs. It was also reported that UAF shelling on Zaitsevo started at 18:10 and lasted until 18:40. The Ukrainian Armed Forces opened fire in the direction of the village of Zhovanka. During this time three 120mm shells were fired.

Ivan Prikhodko (Mayor of Gorlovka): “Zaitsevo. 127 Poletaeva Street. Unfortunately again someone died. Simonov Sergey Yuryevich – 26.08.1972 D.o.B. And his girlfriend is seriously injured. There is no information currently. I won’t post a photo for ethical reasons.”

UPDATE: According to Prikhodko, the woman – Nadezhda Denisovna Demenko, born in 1974 – later died.

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