UAF Murderers, Looters, & Rapists Record Video for Constitution Day – “About Respect for the Rights of Individuals”

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The Ukrainian military personnel that are currently in Donbass recorded a congratulatory video to Ukrainians on Constitution Day.

The corresponding video was published on the YouTube channel of charity foundation for “volunteers of the anti-terrorist operation” called “come back alive”.

“Congratulations on Ukrainian Constitution Day are sent from the frontline by our defenders! It is precisely thanks to them that basic provisions of the basic law of Ukraine are also observed now. The Ukrainian military defends the sovereignty and independence of the State and defends our right to live freely and adequately on our land. From Pylyp Orlyk’s Constitution to the Constitution of the today, Ukrainians defended the right for these things. Happy Ukrainian Constitution Day to all of you!” it is said in the summary of the video.

It is interesting that according to numerous testimonies of participants of the so-called “anti-terrorist operation”, they don’t really honor the rights of individuals provided by the Ukrainian Constitution. In particular, as “Politnavigator” already reported with reference to the confession of the volunteer of the “anti-terrorist operation” in Debaltsevo, when the city was for a short time under UAF control, the Ukrainian military were engaged in marauding, murders, and raping the local population.

“Among our military personnel are a lot of ‘extremists’ and even criminals. The Army is a reflection of society. When we entered Debaltsevo, the level of support of the population was about 50%. When we left the city — 20%. While we held it, we saw everything: houses and apartments were plundered by military servicemen, during the night fuel stations and tyre depots were raided and emptied. We saw a lot. Sometimes civilians were shot at. There were rapes,” admitted the Ukrainian volunteer.

It is no wonder that the residents of Ukraine even more frequently express their negative attitude towards the “feats” of the “heroes of anti-terrorist operation” imposed by propaganda, venting their rage at the graves and monuments in honor of them. As “Politnavigator” already reported, in Trostyanets in the Sumy region unknown persons poured paint over three monuments to participants of the “anti-terrorist operation”, which were established at a local cemetery. The police qualified this incident as “desecration of graves” and already opened criminal proceedings.

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