UAF Non-Combat Losses Exceeded Combat Losses for 2016

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The Ukrainian Armed Forces have reported its losses for the year 2016.

Thus, the total number of losses in 2016 amounts to 467 men, among which are a few more non-combat — 256, than combat — 211. In addition, the Ukrainian army lost more than 100 units of military equipment and weapons during military operations. Such a request for data of the UAF was submitted by the Ukrainian service of the BBC.

In early December, the General Staff of the Armed Forces said that during the entire period of the conflict in Donbass the Ukrainian army lost 2636 military personnel, of which 2148 are classified as combat losses.

However, data provided by Kiev is contrary to the reports of the LPR and DPR intelligence. Thus, just non-combat losses of the Ukrainian forces in Donbass sometimes reached a hundred people a week, according to Donetsk and Lugansk. Most of Ukrainian soldiers are dying due to alcoholism, disease, and accidents triggered by poor living conditions.

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