UAF Not Welcomed by Avdeevka Residents: “Ukraine Is a Part of Russia”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Avdeevka continues the fight against forced Ukrainianization. Journalists of the TV channel of the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky were shocked by the fact that residents love Russia.

In the program of the TV channel TSN, it is said that the advanced positions of Ukrainian troops near Avdeevka near Donetsk and life in the settlement seem like two separate worlds. Soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed forces die here for the regime of President Petro Poroshenko and the government, whose existence is not recognized even by civilians.

In Avdeevka, violinist Marina arrived especially from Germany for a concert. She believes that music is one of the best cures of war, even if the tired human mind refuses to believe it. On her musical instrument she played the Ukrainian national anthem for local pupils, who do not even know the words.

Also not happy about this concert were the lodgers of the care home for the elderly, who were not at all happy for the Concerto. According to the pensioners, they do not like the music that Marina played, who came from Germany.

“I don’t like such music,” the locals said, adding that they want to hear “Russian folk, our” song.

And Robert Ivanovich, who is also a lodger at the care home for the elderly, said that he still does not consider Ukraine as an independent state.

“Ukraine is a part of Russia. As history used to teach,” bravely said the pensioner.

Near Avdeevka fighting continues at the UAF-captured Butovka mine. Units of the 72nd brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces went there. The recent arrivals are still settling in to collapsed position and live almost like tramps. Under the sound of explosions, the soldiers of the occupation forces warm drinking water in ammo and stoke furnaces with wood. In the structure of the mine almost everything is destroyed, but the command still makes the military retain this position.

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