The UAF Occupied a Residential Area of Gorlovka Overnight, in Direction Violation of the Minsk Agreements

Translated by Ollie Richardson


On the night of November 21st the Ukrainian army occupied the village of Gladosovo in the frontline zone near Gorlovka, locals were ordered not to leave their houses. 
This was declared the following day by the operational command of the DPR.

“Tonight in the Gorlovka direction there was an egregious example of mockery in relation to the inhabitants of the settlement of Gladosovo by militants of a unit of the 54th separate mechanised brigade and the 24th “Aidar” battalion. The punishers under the cover of night rushed into the settlement and blocked off every house, forbidding the locals from leaving their houses at gunpoint,” noted the representative of the command.

He emphasised that the Ukrainian militants have already deployed mortars to the village and also begun to mine the vicinities of the settlement.

The command of the republic regard such actions as the capture of civilians and consider the actions of the Ukrainian military to be a gross violation of the Minsk Agreements.

The village of Gladosovo is located in the neighborhood of the frontline near Gorlovka, three kilometers to the northeast of the village of Zaitsevo.

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