UAF Shelled a Kindergarten in Gorlovka With Heavy Weapons

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Ukrainian troops try to seed panic and force the residents of the Donetsk People’s Republic flee from their houses. For this purpose they open fire on their houses and operating kindergartens using weapons forbidden by the Minsk Agreements. 
This was reported from the place of shelling by the war correspondent of the DPR Armed Forces Mikhail Andronik.

“Behind me are one of 4 houses that sustained damage during the overnight UAF shelling on the town of Gorlovka. The shelling came from the settlement of the Semigorye from positions of the 128th brigade of the Ukrainian army.

There were two direct hits on the house, the kindergarten was also damaged. This shelling is the result of the UAF’s advance into the grey zone and the occupation of the settlements there,” said the war correspondent of the Ministry of Defence of the DPR Mikhail Andronik.

The director of the preschool educational institution Svetlana Sovich also described to the war correspondent about the consequences of the overnight shelling:

“Tonight due to shelling our preschool institution was damaged. The windows were punched through, it happened approximately at 01:30 in the night.

Right after the shelling I was called by the caretaker, who said: ‘Svetlana, our glass is shattered into pieces’. As soon as it was light, I called the head of department of education of the city of Gorlovka, and in the morning we were at the place of shelling. In an hour we installed sheets of plastic and boarded up the windows, all the glass was swept up. I think that by the end of the week we will have replaced all the broken glass,” said the director of preschool educational institution No. 134 Svetlana Sovich.

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