UAF Shelled Yasinovataya From Positions in Avdeevka

Translated by Ollie Richardson


At least 11 houses were damaged when Ukrainian punishers shelled the western suburb of Donetsk and the vicinities of Yasinovataya. Shelling on Donetsk was conducted from the settlement Avdeevka, occupied by the UAF.

“It was fired from the Avdeevka side of Donetsk. In my opinion everything is rather clear. We, of course, are not the OSCE Mission, but even without a compass it is possible to understand,” noted the author of the video.

Earlier today it was reported that for the last few days as a result of shelling by the Ukrainian units, wounds of various degrees of severity were received by seven civilians in the west of Donetsk and in the suburb of Yasinovataya.

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