UAF Snipers Shoot at Peaceful Civilians Under the Cover of Mortar Fire

The investigative authorities of the DPR established the circumstances under which on the morning of April 13th a peaceful female resident of the front-line settlement of Aleksandrovka was wounded during UAF shelling. This was reported by the head of the press service of the DPR militia Daniil Bezsonov.

A woman born in 1966 received a bullet wound as a result of aimed sniper fire from the positions of the 24th mechanised brigade

He also added that recently the UAF started to intimidate the civilians of Donbass.

“Under the cover of mortars and light machine guns Ukrainian snipers carry out targeting. During the spring period, when the inhabitants clean their personal plots, sniper fire is purposefully carried out on the outskirts of settlements. This morning a Ukrainian sniper clearly saw down his scope who he was shooting at, but cynically chose a defenceless woman as a target,” he added.
According to the latest information, immediately after the shelling a local resident received a bullet wound at the hands of a Ukrainian sniper after she went outside to inspect her house and the damage. The victim was immediately taken to Central City Hospital number 14, where she was provided with the necessary care.

The DPR militia assumed that it was about these successes of Ukrainian snipers that the Minister of Defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak was referring to when he said:

Our snipers work so that the enemy does not run across the contact line, since it knows how it will end

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