UAF Soldier Didn’t Die in Combat as Claimed, He Was Killed by His Own

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


On 05.03.17, in the village of Doroshovka in the Yampol district, the commander of an anti-aircraft missile platoon Sergey Klochkov was buried, who tragically died in the anti-terrorist operation zone.

Not only all fellows villagers gathered for the funeral memorial service for the killed serviceman, but also inhabitants of other settlements of the area. The colleagues of Sergey also participated in the final farewell service, having paid their last military honors to him.

His heart-broken mother during the plaintive procession in front of hundreds of people exclaimed that her son was killed not by enemies – his own [colleagues – ed] deprived him of his life. Treacherously. By a shot in the back.

Furthermore, his mother said that there wasn’t any shelling, as was claimed, but that her son was killed while he was laying on the second bunk of his bed. Then he bled profusely for 2 days and only on the third day was he brought to Dnepropetrovsk. Sergey described everything to his mother. Soon he was discharged from the chamber of intensive therapy, but after being discharged for unknown reasons his heart stopped.

Also at the funeral ceremony the desperate woman swore that whatever the cost, she “will reach the President” to find out the true cause of the murder of her son and to bring the culprits to responsibility.


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