UAF Tear Open Depots & Send Trains Loaded With Soviet-Era Tanks to Donbass

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The command of the Ukrainian Armed forces tore open the Soviet military depots in Ivano-Frankovsk and pushed forward a convoy of tanks to Donbass. Confirmation of this information comes from the local people who published photos taken at a railway station on social networks.

The pictures speak for themselves. They clearly show a huge train with Soviet tanks, which Ukraine inherited from the USSR. According to the militia of Donbass, the leadership of the UAF have to take such a step due to the lack of equipment at the frontline.

It is worth noting that such a massive deployment of military vehicles to Donbass clearly indicates the absence in the Ukrainian ranks of any intention to solve the conflict peacefully. On the contrary, such a huge concentration of military equipment suggests that the UAF is most likely preparing a massive offensive, and therefore is gathering all available reserves.


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