UAF “Tochka-U” Leaves Dead & Wounded in Central Donetsk

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



One person has died, and at least two more were wounded when the UAF shelled Donetsk.

“One is killed, at least two are wounded,” reported the war correspondent of News Front Katerina Katina in Donetsk.

The shelling was recorded deep in the capital of the DPR. The intersection of the Kalinin and Budenovsky districts, better known as the area of Motel, came under the fire of Ukrainian terrorists (see the map).

The situation on the contract line has sharply become aggravated, the punishers are using heavy artillery. The UAF shelled using Grad systems Donetsk and the vicinity. Locals demand and end to the madness that Poroshenko and his accomplices have arranged.

And the Ukrainian media rejoiced at the fact that the UAF fired at Donetsk with “Tochka-U”.

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