UAF “Uncover” the DPR’s Interesting Tactics & Wait for A “Horrible Night”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


With the beginning of spring, the war in Donbass continues to flare up slowly but surely.

Short-term attempts at truces were consistently interrupted several hours later or, in extreme cases, days. UAF Fighters and nationalist battalions use “creeping offensive” tactics, which Ukrainian Generals were so actively praised for.

A lot of things indicate that Kiev will move troops forward closer to the May holidays. For example, the fact that the Ukrainian war correspondents begun to visit fighters of the “ATO” on the frontline much more actively testifies to this.

In one report Ukrainian military personnel in the “ATO” shared the “tactics of the terrorists”. According to them, the militia scouts the positions of the “Armed Forces” by means of UAVs, and in the late afternoon when it gets dark, they open fire with mortars.

And here several details are hidden that simultaneously contradict each other. Firstly, if the UAF, as the fighter with the blurred face claims, observe the Minsk Agreements and don’t move, then why would the militia scout positions that shouldn’t have changed since 2015-2016. And, secondly, for what reason would the militia provoke the UAF if the People’s Republics seek a peaceful existence?

It should be separately noted that the story-teller, the UAF fighter whose face is blurred, hides himself not simply for nothing. His pure Russian language reveals in him a Russian person, an adherent of fascist views who entered the war on the side of Ukrainian nationalists. His second “colleague”, who speaks with a typical Ukrainian dialect, doesn’t hide his face, unlike the betrayer of Russia with a blurred face.

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