UAF Volunteer About the Situation in the 72nd Brigade: It’s a Catastrophe, More Than 70% of Soldiers Simply Fled

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The well-known Ukrainian volunteer from Dnepropetrovsk Yury Mysyagin, who is actively helping this army unit, spoke about the personnel losses of the 72nd separate mechanised brigade that is deployed in Donbass. He also stated the reasons for such a catastrophic situation in the brigade of “Zaporozhian Cossacks”.

During the past year the 72nd separate mechanised brigade, which is deployed on the Donbass contact line and shells the settlements of the DPR, lost a half of its personnel. The famous Ukrainian volunteer from Dnepropetrovsk who is actively helping this army unit spoke about this on social networks.

The reason for such a catastrophic situation in the brigade of “Zaporozhian Cossacks”, reported Mysyagin, was the attitude of its command towards it, especially the brigade commander Tatus. Due to brigade commander’s boorishness, boastfulness, and devil-may-care attitude towards his personnel, half of the militants ran away: some were transferred to other units, others simply did not renew their contract.

“Tatus started to head the brigade less than a year ago, and during this time more than 70% of the military personnel simply dispersed. This is a real catastrophe. Such a life cannot be endured”

wrote Mysyagin

At the same time, the volunteer stressed that today it’s not 2014-2015, when there were real military clashes. The personnel dispersed in the absence of active fighting! In general, it is impossible to say it any better concerning the Ukrainian command.

It becomes clear from Mysyagin’s post how in general the Ukrainian army, which the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko allegedly pays much attention to, lives today. As it turns out, the UAF has new brigades that “have nothing, not even a roof over their heads”. They are transferred from one training ground to another. Soldiers live in tents and repair their equipment under the open sky.

Theft prospers among troops. As Mysyagin writes, in the autumn of 2018 the 140 big metal hedgehogs that were established in the 2015 by the 128th brigade when the current commander was the chief of staff, disappeared from their location. Probably, everything that could be sold from weaponry has already been sold, now they earn on “hedgehogs”. Scrap metal in Ukraine gets a high price!

“Concrete protecting structures remained, but metal hedgehogs disappeared somewhere in a strange way. Moreover, they were smuggled out with the help of a crane from the engineering group of the 72nd brigade”

wrote the volunteer

As is well-known from open sources, earlier a whole brigade that refused to fight because of bad living conditions was withdrawn from Donbass. This isn’t surprising for such a commander-in-chief as Poroshenko. During the time that Poroshenko has spent in the president’s chair, his estate grew by 12 times, and the army lived in misery and continues to live in misery. Volunteers bring everything to units – from mobile phones and tablets, to water and pampers.

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