UAF’s Shelling of Yasinovataya: Seven 152mm Shells on One Gate

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The consequences of shelling in the Yasinovataya district, in the village of Yakovlevka.

As a result of UAF shelling, a man was wounded. Zuev Roman Vladimirovich, date of birth 01/30/1977, was diagnosed with an open fracture of the right femur, caused by a shrapnel wound, and was brought to the regional technical center of Donetsk.

“Two or three times the shells arrived, we have already got used to it, goodness knows how many times they opened fire, there is only a crater here, great, isn’t it?” said the local about the destruction.

“Thank God the ambulance arrived, our son was taken away, here there were eight people, if the strike had happened before then it would have been the end for everyone,” he added.

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