UK Journalist Graham Phillips Removed From Westminster For Asking Inconvenient Questions

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Famous British journalist Graham Phillips and was scandalously removed from the building of parliament of Great Britain. The fact is that the independent journalist started to ask inconvenient questions about the armed conflict in Donbass to the British bureaucrats, at an event devoted to the 25th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between Great Britain and Ukraine.

In particular, Phillips addressed the member of the British parliament sir Gerald Howarth, who at that moment had his speech from the tribune. The independent member of the media was wondering whether he will tell the audience about artillery shellings of Donbass by Ukraine and genocide of civilians.

However, the British parliamentarians were enraged by such behavior, were heckling him, and demanded to him to “push off” immediately from the meeting. Security shown the door to Graham under shouts of “Get Out!” and “Liar!”

It should be noted that Graham Phillips is a foreign independent journalist who shows the true situation in the zone of armed conflict. Earlier he published a photo montage “1000 of days of anti-terrorist operation”, which shows the horrors of what had been endured by the inhabitants of the LDPR for nearly three years.

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